My Grades in Blackboard

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My Grades

You can use the My Grades tool to view your course grades and your instructors feedback about your work. Your instructor controls what is released to you and when so your grades may not always be available immediately.

Access My Grades either within your course via Tools.


Or from the My Blackboard home page in the Tools module.


The My Grades page displays the different assignments, projects, and tests created by your instructor.

You will see the name of the activity in the Item Name column. Click the name to reveal a description of the activity and any other information your instructor entered when creating the column in Blackboard.



The Grade column displays your grades as the points you earned for each item. If the grade is for an item submitted via Blackboard, your grade becomes a link to your submission and your instructors feedback when available.

If the grade is for a Discussion Board, clicking on the link will open up the grade forum where you can see forum statistics for the assignment, including your grade, instructor feedback, and your post itself.

Click OK to return to My Grades.

Needs_Grading.jpgIf an item has been submitted but not yet graded, an exclamation point will appear in the column.

If an item is a test attempt or saved draft, but has not been submitted, it is represented by a paper and pencil icon.In_Progress.jpg

No_Info.jpgA dash indicates that there is no information about your grade.

Completed.jpgA check mark is displayed when an item is completed, but no points are assigned to it.

System_Error.jpgA red exclamation mark indicates that there has been a system error regarding the grade. Contact your instructor immediately to determine if your submission was received.

Exempt.jpgA shaded blue square means that you are exempted from the activity.

You will also be able to view your total for the course. Please note that individual instructors may weight grades or use a course-specific grading scale that may not be correctly reflected in the total or weighted total. It is important to review the course syllabus for information about grading.

Your instructor may also have enabled information that shows the class average and median for each graded item.

If you have any questions about your grades, you will need to contact your instructor. It is important to review your grades periodically in case any questions do arise.

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