Understanding the Basics

Almost all computing systems (campus computers, Blackboard, student email, My Cougar Connection) require a valid USF network account username and password. Students will receive their initial username and password during registration.  Upon a student's graduation, or withdrawal from the University, the USF network account will become disabled. Students will need to ensure that any email or documents are backed up before that time.


Your network account username is unique within the University and is composed of alpha/numeric characters containing your last name. Your username also makes up the first part of your email address. Usernames are not case sensitive.

For students, the username is your last name followed by the first initial then middle initial. Student usernames are printed on the back of the USF OneCard. For example, a student named John K. Doe, would have the username doejk and an email address of doejk@cougars.sf.edu.


Your USF network account password will be randomly generated when your account is first created. The password will expire every 180 days, so you will need to change the password before it is set to expire.

If you incorrectly enter your password 3 times, your account will become locked for 30 minutes. At this point, you can either wait until your account becomes unlocked automatically, unlock the account yourself using our self-service password protection program, or visit the Help Desk to have your password reset.


Always remember to log off a computer when finished.  Protect your information and your printing balance by ensuring you've completely logged off systems.  You are responsible for the actions taken under your username and password.

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